ANNOUNCING: Drinker’s Anthem Online

At Long Last!

The most anticipated Merry Wives album of this year is now digital! Share it with your friends, share it with your family, share it with your kids and you won't have to have "that talk" later!


Act quickly and you could be the first to write a review! But only if you liked it. If you think it stank, we'd prefer you retain judicious silence.


We'd like to thank our producers, Heather Greene and Stu Venable, who spent many long hours in the studio trying not to plot our demise as they took the dross we gave them and spun it into the audio gold you'll hear. Well, silver. Hey, at least bronze.


So thanks to them, and thanks to you our loyal fans. Now where's that margarita mix, this celebratory tequila isn't going to drink itself!